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First High School of Larissa

Address: Epirou Gazi and Epirou (corner)

P.C. : 41222, Larissa

Tel. :2410 620720 or 2410 672308

Fax: 2410 672307


foundation year:1889

Headmaster: Alexander Kalesis Dr. og Comparative Literature (ΠΕ05) -of french language.

Vice- Director:

Number of students: 187

Total number of teaching staff:30




Our Philosophy

1rst High School of Larissa

A historical school with a view  to the future

In a world which is always under improvement   schools with long tradition as the 1rst High School of Larissa have to play an important role.

Firsty, they have to cultivate the rules of a humanistic education and the eternal values of Greek culture.

Secondly, these schools have to prepare citizens who will be able to correspond on the complexity times of modern technology and the changing of international affairs.

In a few words, these schools can help students be in touch with greek tradition and civilazation but also they can give them knowledge, skills, ideals, sound reasoning and critical thinking.

The 1rst Gymnasium of Larissa, according to the asseement of May 2014, it is a shcool which has a spring board its great educational tradition and can keep high standards in all areas.

  • The Director and teachers have got specific vision and plan for the school.
  • Specific rules have been set which have been applied by  all the members of our school community.
  • The school has modern tools and means for its operation and the  best building premises.
  • There has been a very satisfactory level of relations and co-operations among the members of our school community.
  • The level of our teaching work is very satisfactory and is constatly an endless object of care in order to achieve the best improvement.
  • The school boasts for its many innovative programmes which carries out with the aim to interface with the local society and because of its great history it is an outstanding unit in the educational web of province/area of Larissa.
  • The 1rst Gymnasium og Larissa with the springboard of our great tradition keeps preparing with constant steps the future of our students.


Οur History

1rst Gymnasium of Larissa

(Foundation Year 1889)


As it is true to its name, the first Gymnasium of Larissa was the first school which was established in Larissa when the city was liberated by The Turkish in 1881.

After the liberation, the Greek state started to organize the education and the state/civil Services. In 1889 the first school of Secondary Education was founded with the name ?A’ High School for Boys of Larissa? due to the fact that girls education was not given-it was not existant-that time.

In 1897, due to the second Turkish occupation- because of the unlucky Greek-Turkish war- the school was closed down for two years.

For many decades the ?A’ High School for Boys of Larissa? was the only school of Secondary Education in the Prefecture and one of few schools existing in Thessalia. In this school many students studied coming from the whole Perfecture Thessalia but also from the Central Greece.

From its desks eminent personalities, ministers, politicians, scientists, writers, people of culture sat from the passing of years.

An important time for the school was the year 1932.

That year our school got its own modern building of that time being on the corner of streets Anthimou Gazi-Epirou. It it the building which houses the first Lyceum of Larissa nowadays.It was built due to an ambitious Building Programme applied by the Minister of education named George Papandreou.

During the German Occupation, our school was under the German Military troops and was used as a Headquarters Police Department.

In 1944 the war was over and our school was free but completely ruined. Our student returned and found classrooms with no desks, boards, seats, heating and education material. Despite  all these difficulties, thanks to the students’ souls and the heroism of the teachers, the School itself kept educating the youth of the city and creating excellent scientists, people of culture and professionals. It is not exageration to say that a great part of our present society of Larissa sat at its desks.

In the decades of 1950, 1960 and  1970 the increase number of our students was impressive. The school had approximately about 100 students.

There was a reform in 1964 and the ?A’ Boys’ Gymnasium of Larissa? was divided in a 3 year Boys High School and ?A’ for Boys of Lyceum?.

In 1968 the School was united again and became a six year ?A’ High School for Boys in Larissa?.

In 1979 it was renamed with the decision of the Ministry Education in ?First Gymnasioum of Larissa?, which is its present name.

Since 1978 it has been relocated in a new wing. This wing was built in the west as an extension of the old building. In 2004 the same wing was reextended.

The first School of Larissa using the owl as a school emblem, symbol of wisdom and knowledge, it is a school from which many students of Larissa have graduated. It is a school which lives in our hearts as we sat at its desks, we played in the same schoolyard and there we experienced our adolescent years.

Today, it is a School with about 200 students coming from the center of the city and derives its prestige from the past but it forges constantly a creative present by preparing the future of hundreds of students for advanced studies and their being in Greek society as responsible future citizens.

Mainly the School has the ambition to be a school which will prive its students not sterile knowledge and training but Education and Manners, the only assets which lead man to mental achievements, cultivation of the soul and to a cooperative level in well governed states and civilized societies…



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